Envision Your Way Into Your Day

For a better understanding of yourself and your possibilities, summon your inner Eve. This is a practice long hidden, and as it emerges, many meet it with suspect. Don’t be fooled. Get yours, too. Tune in to your self and tune-up for your day.

Start the day with a morning meditation. Quiet your thoughts and watch your breathing. Do the “introvert” thing. Notice what comes to mind. Notice how you feel. Connect with your body. Notice the silence in between the interruptions of noise.

Here you will find clarity. You will develop understanding. In the moment all is well. There is a pattern. Honor the ebb, the times when tide of activity isn’t happening, as a time to chill and regenerate. Then go with the flow and ride the tide of getting it done.

Ask yourself the questions. What am I meant to do? What is my lesson here? Find the answers, as subtle as they may be – like a breeze whispering by. Or boldly appearing to your understanding like a snuggie yanked up over your head. Aha! Then stand up and deliver as you are meant to do.

Do this for a few minutes or more each morning. Envision your way into your day. Align your self to the vibe of your life. Whatever you align your vibrations with is what you will experience. This is called resonance. Still yourself to find your tune. Name it. Then dance to it all day long.

Girls, Gals, — Grannies …

Through the decades, we wear many hats … sometimes through a day they can vary …

I am me. In me I see you. In you I see me…. did I mention that I have experience in copywriting, advertising, product management, marketing, landscaping, interior design, real estate, sales, viticulture, food service, and as a fitness trainer … mom to daughter and son, guru to my mom … and I love to cook, paint, run, draw, hike, write, read, and get lost in conversation about the most controversial but meaningful things (we can agree to disagree, but let’s attempt to find understanding).

As a girl, I dreamed of being a singer, songwriter and guitarist. I had hopes of a talk show, too. Then I considered fashion design, but I was afraid to follow it. Early in my career, I found success but not the support or network I needed to follow my passion. The path I followed was pedestrian, my journey through was outside-the-box. I did “their things” in “my way.”

Stop. I am at a crossroads. There is still an inner voice calling me. Yet, I cannot hear her. Or perhaps I don’t understand. Do you have that voice, that feeling of something left undone? Are you confused by it? I am. And I shall meditate, contemplate, procrastinate until clarity comes. Then I can dance again …

This is a ramble but it is important. The fiber that weaves feminine DNA comes through me and you, connecting us on some level. And if we can recognize that connection, we all grow and we each grow. So reach for it. Look for that which unites us through time and space. Find yourself there. We each have a place.

Me, I feel fragmented. Splintered. Yet whole. Scattered, perhaps. That must be from reaching so far through time. But right here right now, I feel lost among you, lost among me. What is our collective dream? I shall peel back the onionskin to find the core. And through my tears I will see which hat to don next, and which to offer to you.

Feeling Matters When You Envision

As a woman morphs from one decade to another, her dreams also evolve. Sometimes goals are met and then we move on. Other times we need to just move on.

Creating a vision board helps focus efforts and define goals. With pictures, words, and symbols, one can imagine that which she wishes to experience. Often the process supports attainment. Sometimes the goals remain unreached.

When we let go of a dream, it can leave us feeling empty and lost, you know – ineffective. To get through disappointment or perhaps avoid it altogether, rather than focusing on a particular outcome, hold the “feeling” you’d like to have –that is what you are chasing.

It matters that I feel like I matter–that I make a difference. I’d like to feel a sense of accomplishment, triumph. This can come from work, home, running a race, or a multitude of goals that can be chased in an effort to capture and re-capture the feeling.

Along the journey, let me feel love. Ah, love. It can be found most readily by giving it to your self and to others. And, when someone lovingly touches your heart, be open to it. Love emerges in the appreciation you feel for what you do, who you meet, where you go.

The desire to feel good is a shared urge across the decades. Feelings can help define goals. For help in your future planning, consider signing on for The Desire Map.

While feelings can be fleeting, the goals or mode of achieving feelings are many. Enrich your life by feeling your way through. Follow your heart.

LOCAL YOKEL: Sweet Dreams and Other Precious Moments

Last night I kissed goodbye my 8 year old. Tucked in the sheets around him. Turned out the lights and finished my evening. This morning, I kissed hello my 9 year old. We talked about the wonderful memories we have of each age … I realize how we die to each day, emerging anew with advancing experience.

via LOCAL YOKEL: Sweet Dreams and Other Precious Moments.

What a revelation. We die to each day. Let us be mindful in the moment for it is everything and then gone.

Overwhelmed to Overjoyed, Over Easy

This morning I hit the snooze button just one more time. Took ten minutes away from the shuffle of getting out the door, but I enjoyed the warmth under the covers while I imagined magical moments in the day ahead.

Then my feet hit the floor. Did the revelry routine through the house. Patted the pup and asked him to wait for his breakfast (as I have delegated this task). After primping, I headed to the kitchen and put it in motion. The coffee pot purred, the tea kettle sang, the eggs were over easy and the toast popped up as I reached into the fridge for orange juice. I felt overwhelmed. STOP!

I took a deep breath. I thought to myself ‘I choose to see things differently.’ Aha! Like magic. I realized everything was coming together. I poured the tea for me, then a cup of coffee for my spouse; buttered the toast, scooped the eggs from the pan, splashed juice in the cups, sat down at the table and enjoyed a warm breakfast with my family.

The mess … swept up and put in place like a memento of a morning well executed. The morning – over easy. How was yours?

Time Travel

Setting goals can be daunting. Finding direction sometimes leaves me lost. Still, I must look to myself for my answers. And if I find a plan that works, I must share it in the hopes it will help you, too. So, here’s one to ponder.

If you could go through time and ask your self – many years in the future – a question, what would it be? Hmmm, I think mine would be “what should I start doing today to be on the ‘happy dance’ track?” She would know regrets. From her perch, could see opportunities I might overlook. In this interaction, I will see the me I wish to be and she will be my guide to getting there.

I could ask her about my career, my relationships, my spiritual self, my sense of style, even…. So imagine having this conversation. Listen to the advice from the future you – the you you aim to be.

Next, look back to your self, many years ago. Ask her what she needs. Send her some encouragement. Ask her what she thinks (and hear her praise for how well you handled things with the knowledge you had at the time). Find out what she would avoid going forward.

Come back to now. Look yourself in the mirror. Embrace today. It is the only one you have. Tomorrow you will morph one day closer into the you you aim to be.


Death & Taxes

As you step through each day in this experience called life, you will encounter many events. In addition to death and taxes, you will surely endure guilt, fear, and failure during your life. But, the good news is that you will also find adventure, earnings, innocence, audacity, and attainment in the mix. Which is more prevalent? It’s a matter of perspective.

That 90/10 rule is in effect where you are in control of 90% of what happens to you based on how you respond to life and the 10% of it that just happens – you will never be able to affect. Ultimately we all wish to feel good, yeah? What are the specific good feelings you wish to experience? List your yearnings and let those become your guide.

A wish to feel affluent might result in giving money to a homeless woman, or donating time for a cause. The desire to feel attractive might be filled by primping and then greeting others with an authentic smile. A craving for connection might lead you to lunch with new friends. And thankfulness in these moments reinforces the universe to “bring it on.” (Crave a plan, check out The Desire Map for inspiration and a program to help you chart out yours.)

So even if that raise didn’t come through, be thankful that you’re paying taxes (and thus, earning an income). Every morning when you wake, do so with joy that you have time to spend. When you meet with failure, ask “what is my lesson here?” Throw yourself a lifeline. And feel your life unfold just as you need.

A dear woman with whom I worked would respond to “how’s your day?” with “woke up, no box, all good!”