Envision Your Way Into Your Day

For a better understanding of yourself and your possibilities, summon your inner Eve. This is a practice long hidden, and as it emerges, many meet it with suspect. Don’t be fooled. Get yours, too. Tune in to your self and tune-up for your day.

Start the day with a morning meditation. Quiet your thoughts and watch your breathing. Do the “introvert” thing. Notice what comes to mind. Notice how you feel. Connect with your body. Notice the silence in between the interruptions of noise.

Here you will find clarity. You will develop understanding. In the moment all is well. There is a pattern. Honor the ebb, the times when tide of activity isn’t happening, as a time to chill and regenerate. Then go with the flow and ride the tide of getting it done.

Ask yourself the questions. What am I meant to do? What is my lesson here? Find the answers, as subtle as they may be – like a breeze whispering by. Or boldly appearing to your understanding like a snuggie yanked up over your head. Aha! Then stand up and deliver as you are meant to do.

Do this for a few minutes or more each morning. Envision your way into your day. Align your self to the vibe of your life. Whatever you align your vibrations with is what you will experience. This is called resonance. Still yourself to find your tune. Name it. Then dance to it all day long.

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