The Fountain of Youth

There is a formula for staying youthful. It includes a healthy diet of fresh food, ample exercise (outdoors when weather permits), plenty of rest (including sound sleep), and engaging the heart, mind, soul. The ripple effect of healthy habits help keep one youthful.

One could find this formula quite simply. Meditation opens the mind to receive life’s bounty. Education is another road to enriching thought. Reflection, contemplation, conflict, and chaos are also good experiences to stimulate heart and mind. Relationships are laboratories for finding understanding — often through misunderstandings.

The garden provides a smorgasbord of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains. The waters run deep with gifts of fish and seafood. Grass fed red meats are also abundant in nutrients when properly prepared. Drink of fresh water. Life is a garden.

Curl up in a comfy place for a snooze. Make sure to track your dreams. Get the seven to nine hours uninterrupted sleep your body needs to refresh.

And move. Walk. Run, Swim. Stretch. Plus, follow this ageless rite of Tibetan Yoga for rejuvenation.

Recognize the magic in every day. Embrace it with childlike wonder. Investigate. Turn the pages. You will be young at heart through the ages.