7 Rules for a Millionaire Mindset

Found this article to be of interest. First the mindset, then the million. Go get ’em!

“Successful people instinctively follow their gut feelings. Unsuccessful people have let others convince them that they cannot trust themselves.”

1) Know what you want. You must have a targeted goal. Clear and conceivable. One that you could tell someone, and they would be able to follow a route to it.

2) Focus on what you want. Imagine what your life will be like to have had your dream. You keep doing this until you have had it and seen it in so much detail that it becomes something that is now likely to happen. Then  focus on possible routes for getting there. Provide your mind with stepping stones – lots of them – at each step, starting from where you are now.

3) Be grateful for achieving your dream. Trust your feelings of completion and feel thankful for living your dream (as if it is already realized).

4) Wait to be compelled to Act. All creation is done in your mind first. Action steps are about bringing into reality that which you have already have in your mind. Once the dream has been fully designed so that you can see it in your life in every detail then it is time to bring it into reality. And you will know this because the feeling will magically propel you forward.

5) Focus on the step you are on.  You must focus on what you are doing 100% and do it to the very best of your ability. Love where you are now in your life.

6) Listen to your Hunches. These are messages from your subconscious, giving you answers and ideas for progress.

7) Go deeper into your design. Between stages and on your journey, relax during rest stops and daydream further into your vision. Experience your design in greater detail.

These are the basic steps to cultivating and creating the millionaire mindset — the mindset where you just know you will do it.

via How To Become Rich.

Chakra Balance ~ Peaceful Pondering

In an attempt to find balance, consider aligning your chakras. These seven energy centers help govern our psychological qualities. The four in the upper body are linked to mental properties while the three in the lower body govern instinct.

One method for balancing them is to sit comfortably with feet flat on the floor or in the lotus position. Spend a moment rubbing your hands together to feel warmth or energy in your palms. Then, move your hands in a manner as if you are bouncing an energy ball between them. Take your dominant hand and bounce this energy against your body.

Begin at the pelvic area. Bounce the energy from your hand to your pelvis. Imagine the red light energy of the root chakra. See it spinning with life. This chakra helps one feel present in the moment, aware, sensible, secure, and comfortable.

Next, move to the area of your abdomen. Bounce the energy from your hand with the orange energy of the sacral chakra. This chakra helps you feel sexual, passionate, sensual, emotionally balanced.

Then do the same at your stomach, bouncing energy with the yellow energy of your naval chakra. Here is where you find confidence, dignity,

Move to your heart chakra and address the green energy field. Support your ability to feel compassionate, caring, friendly, love.

Bounce energy to your throat chakra. Imagine the blue light of communication, expression, and creativity.

At your third eye chakra (between your eyes at the forehead), move your hand with the indigo energy of insight.

Finally bounce energy to the crown chakra. Hold the violet pink hue of wisdom and spirituality in your mind as you do so.

Now, move your hands from your pelvic region to your crown in a clockwise motion as if to stir the energies so that they are alive and interacting with one another.

Take three cleansing breaths and lay your hands in your lap, palms upward. Relax and sense the balance in your body. Carry it with you through the day.

Even if you don’t sense the chakras, this is a lovely meditation that can help you find emotional balance and mental clarity — or at least a few moments of peaceful pondering.

P.S. If you’d like to expand chakra health while exercising with yoga, consider this Kundalini Yoga Chakra Exercise program.