Model. Role Model.

Role Model

Stand for something.

I wished to be a model. A role model. Yes, I hoped to be considered attractive, but I knew not to lean on being pretty or cute.

Standing before you, standing for something, my purpose is to inspire. Even as I fumble with my words, my ways, the goal of communicating to the soul drives me. I have been called intense. I am considered, at times, irritating. But that’s because I ruffle something so we all think about it. And when there is an “aha” moment, my heart sings.

Model. Role Model.

How to Get a Free Head-to-Toe Makeover

I saw this on Rachel Ray and had to share! You can get a head-to-toe designer makeover without spending money. Invest some time and you’ll see a new you.

Hair: Check in for the Salon Training Night (usually a high end salon will have weekly training sessions with staff).  Be flexible – training events are usually held in the evening. And plan for extra time – since it is training, the process may take longer than a typical appointment. Most importantly, be open minded – you get the look they want to give you based on the training program. Rest assured, it will be salon worthy.

Make-up: Visit the cosmetics counter at the department stores (such as Clinique or MAC). Choose an off-peak time like mid-morning so the consultant can spend the time with you. You’ll get full make-up and a lesson in application, plus possible sample booty to go!

Outfit: Take your old look to the resale boutique (some will give consignment, others give you immediate credit for your things). Trade for a new look to go with your hair and makeup!

Then be off with your new self to enjoy the day!