How to Magnetize Your Desires

magnet_ballsWe are constantly broadcasting our desires, consciously or not. Our thoughts and feelings are energy sent out to the universe, attracting that which we project. It is important to get in touch with your own energy and to be mindful of that which you are broadcasting. Program your self by attuning to abundance instead of lack. Learn to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you. Focus on bringing your desires to you. Here are six steps to help you in the process of attracting joy and prosperity.

Ask, believe, and you shall receive.

1. Know how your request is a tool for a higher quality you wish to experience or express more frequently in your life. What do you wish to radiate? How do you wish to feel? For instance: comfort, peacefulness, a well-appointed home.

2. Be as specific as possible about the features or facets of your desire. If you don’t have a form in mind, use a symbol to represent what the feature will provide you.

3. Ask for what you want or even more. Stretch yourself to the limits of your belief. If you desire money, for instance, and it seems reasonable for you to attract $5000, perhaps you could request $6000. If that feels real, try $7000. If that feels too high, then stay with $6000.

4. Believe you can have it. Give yourself permission to have it. Imagine receiving it and feel the delight of it. Let go of any fears that might resist your desires. Open yourself to unlimited joy and prosperity. Release your fears of success or failure.

5. Love and intend to have what you are attracting. The higher emotions can overcome the resistance of worry or doubt. Be honest and realistic. Think positively. Positive thinking means to trust in the process, to know that the work works.

6. It is important not to need what you are calling to you. Let it be okay if it doesn’t arrive at a certain time or in the exact form than you might expect. Surrender to what shows up. Embrace it.

Practice this. Meditate on your desires until you feel the “click” of the universe responding to your magnetism. Then enjoy the unfolding of your dream. Feel the energy shift. Start with something small and then grow your deliberate creations as you build your confidence and your ability. Vibrate from a place of success.


how to magnetize your desire

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