How to Magnetize Your Desires

magnet_ballsWe are constantly broadcasting our desires, consciously or not. Our thoughts and feelings are energy sent out to the universe, attracting that which we project. It is important to get in touch with your own energy and to be mindful of that which you are broadcasting. Program your self by attuning to abundance instead of lack. Learn to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you. Focus on bringing your desires to you. Here are six steps to help you in the process of attracting joy and prosperity.

Ask, believe, and you shall receive.

1. Know how your request is a tool for a higher quality you wish to experience or express more frequently in your life. What do you wish to radiate? How do you wish to feel? For instance: comfort, peacefulness, a well-appointed home.

2. Be as specific as possible about the features or facets of your desire. If you don’t have a form in mind, use a symbol to represent what the feature will provide you.

3. Ask for what you want or even more. Stretch yourself to the limits of your belief. If you desire money, for instance, and it seems reasonable for you to attract $5000, perhaps you could request $6000. If that feels real, try $7000. If that feels too high, then stay with $6000.

4. Believe you can have it. Give yourself permission to have it. Imagine receiving it and feel the delight of it. Let go of any fears that might resist your desires. Open yourself to unlimited joy and prosperity. Release your fears of success or failure.

5. Love and intend to have what you are attracting. The higher emotions can overcome the resistance of worry or doubt. Be honest and realistic. Think positively. Positive thinking means to trust in the process, to know that the work works.

6. It is important not to need what you are calling to you. Let it be okay if it doesn’t arrive at a certain time or in the exact form than you might expect. Surrender to what shows up. Embrace it.

Practice this. Meditate on your desires until you feel the “click” of the universe responding to your magnetism. Then enjoy the unfolding of your dream. Feel the energy shift. Start with something small and then grow your deliberate creations as you build your confidence and your ability. Vibrate from a place of success.


how to magnetize your desire

With experience spanning multiple industries and over many decades, Tamara Parisio brings a seasoned eye and a fresh perspective to find the opportunity in every challenge. With acute clarity, Tamara hones a marketing message for impactful, compelling communication across channels. Tamara’s optimism delivers a can-do approach to meet or beat expectations.

“My goal is to be ICONIC in what I do so that I can invest and spend resources as I desire to enrich the world! And I intend to give fabulous gifts to family and friends, wrapped in particularly pretty packages! … What’s yours? #ScriptYourShift” — Tamara Parisio, Strategic Wordsmith & Creative Director

Tamara Parisio is a Scottsdale-based Strategic Wordsmith and Creative Director with Parisio & Co, LLC. For more information, visit TamaraParisio.comand

May the Force Always Be with You  …  Age and the Workforce

In the cycle of life, we round the corner into the era of an “aging” workforce.  We have been here before, and we will return here, again and again.  This lifecycle affects companies, small and large, and employees at every level of their careers.  So, whatever role you play at whichever stage of your career, this is a history lesson for here and now.

Lesson 1:  People Retire, Talent Thrives
With experienced employees reaching retirement, companies lose rich resources from the day-to-day goings on.  Companies can still tap the talent.  Many retirees wish to spend time with colleagues and enjoy the stimulation of work.  Also, they have earned a balance that includes more leisure time.  So, consider the flexibility of consulting.  Retirees are the perfect pinch-hitters for projects that need extra person-power.  The pool of experience is a ready resource for varying demand.

And, if you are one of those entering retirement, and you wish to keep a toe in the workforce, offer your skills as a consultant.  For employees still circling the water cooler, keeping in touch with exiting colleagues is a great way to have a comrade to whom you can turn for advice.

Lesson 2: Build Bridges
Companies and individuals can benefit from mentorship bonds within the organization or within the community.  The mentor-mentee relationship promotes understanding, and leads to mutual investment in success.  Often, these relationships flourish beyond the work environment.  If your company doesn’t have a mentor program, reach out and set up your own network.  Select a teacher if you are just beginning, choose a protégé if you are more tenured.

When nearing retirement, thwart resentment toward career beginners, especially if nurturing hurt from falling short of personal goals.  Be mindful of your personal motivations.  Make peace with your self.  When one is okay with one’s self, there is no need to make another wrong.

Throughout a blossoming career, it is wise to learn from those who have blazed the path before, even while making your own mark.  Be respectful.  Open your mind to the possibility that, even though you may “know it all,” there are still some treasures to be found.  One gentleman posted this for all to learn:  Everyone has an Opinion; Judgment is from Experience.

Lesson 3:  Stay In Touch
No matter what stage in your career, it is vital to stay current with trends, innovations, and technology.  Embracing new ways of doing things keeps talent fresh.  Cross-pollinating industry ideas spawns inventiveness. When entering the workforce, while advancing in the workforce, and as one gets ready to depart the workforce, do not leave “learning” behind.

There are creative ways to accomplish this.  Companies can encourage learning in many ways, one of the most efficient being on-site seminars.  Employees can inspire educational programs by working with HR or launching “brown bag” lunch events.  Here is an opportunity to enlist the senior staff members to give presentations in order to share their expertise.  And, newbies can find presentation experience by researching and lecturing about a topic.  Sharpen the pencil, the wit, the mind and feed the soul of an ever wiser organization.

Lesson 4:  Work Today & Plan for Tomorrow
One of the most helpful benefits a company can offer in support of retirement is the 401k.  With or without matching funds, the 401k brings mindfulness to saving, and makes it easy.

If one is fortunate enough to have enlisted in a program early in one’s career, one will find a nice nest egg to support their dreams after the “9 to 5” gig.  And, there is a world of opportunity for both work and play in the after-retirement-life.

Lesson 5:  While Talent is Tops, Character Commands
At any age, kindness, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, perseverance combined with ability will be the meter of our life’s work.  As the world’s children learn the pillars of character at home and at school, adults should further develop and encourage mindfulness of virtue ~ especially as ethics are challenged in an increasingly competitive world.

Companies can encourage truthfulness, respect, fairness, caring, responsibility, citizenship, and other virtues through business practices, policy, and by annually rewarding such behavior and the person who personifies character through the course of business.  Employees can bring these qualities to every facet of their lives.  Let the best of you rule you.

Got questions?  Got comments?  Let me know. Live well and live in peace.

Tamara Parisio is a freelance writer and an entrepreneur.  With a blended perspective from Journalism, Advertising, Toys, Giftware, Entertainment, Real Estate, and Beauty, to family life and personal interests, Tamara reflects upon her experiences to provide hope-filled musings on beauty and wellness, business and living for people of all ages. With experience spanning multiple industries and over many decades, Tamara Parisio brings a seasoned eye and a fresh perspective to find the opportunity in every challenge. With acute clarity, Tamara hones a marketing message for impactful, compelling communication across channels. Tamara’s optimism delivers a can-do approach to meet or beat expectations.

“My goal is to be ICONIC in what I do so that I can invest and spend resources as I desire to enrich the world! And I intend to give fabulous gifts to family and friends, wrapped in particularly pretty packages! … What’s yours? #ScriptYourShift” — Tamara Parisio, Strategic Wordsmith & Creative Director

Tamara Parisio is a Scottsdale-based Strategic Wordsmith and Creative Director with Parisio & Co, LLC. For more information, visit TamaraParisio.comand


The Laws of Life (LOL) —infographic

To attract the life you wish to live, understand the laws of living in time and space, enjoying the human experience.

  1. Law of Attraction—what you send out comes back to you.
  2. Law of Deliberate Creation—you create what you think about.
  3. Law of Allowing—accept what is with compassion and without judgment.
  4. Law of Sufficiency & Abundance—the universe has ample resources to meet every desire.
  5. Law of Pure Potentiality—everything is energy seeking expression in some form.
  6. Law of Detachment—align with desire and act accordingly then trust the universe to deliver.
  7. Law of Polarity—unity is plural at a minimum of two.
  8. Law of Proximity—you are the average of your five closest friends.
  9. Law of Specificity—define it to find it: what does success mean to you in the measure that matters to you.

    Laws of Life

    Laws of Life

10 Blessings You Can Give Your Self

Love Your SelfHere are Ten Blessings you can give your self to enjoy love and prosperity in your life. This from a mediation by Moira Shepard.

1. Love Your Body. Show your body kindness and appreciation to create radiant health and well being. You will feel well in your skin. Be at peace in your body. Shower your body with appreciation every day. Understand that your body deserves … Imagine light emanating form every cell of your body. Notice how perfect your body is. Clasp together your hands and give thanks for the body you have.

2. Use your mind mindfully. You become what you think about. If you want love, think kind thoughts. if you want wealth, think prosperity. The difference between the thoughts that help vs the thoughts that harm:  invite an inspiring thought to your conscious mind. Hold it. See it. You are mindfully using your mind. You can be more effectively motivated by joyful thoughts … understand and illuminate the power of your mind …

3. Honor Your Heart. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. You have every right to feel how you feel right now. You don’t need to hold on to the feeling. Acknowlege it: I am feeling this way right now. Ask yourself: Could I let go of this feeling? Would I let go of it? When? Notice how letting go makes room for joyful feelings to enter.

4. Safely Speak Your Truth. Tell others what you want. Others will respect your feelings when you voice them in a calm way. It is safe. You are worthy. Say what you feel and what you want in a way that is respectful to your self and to others. Realize that it is safe to be you. It’s safe to say what you feel. It’s safe to ask what you want.

5. Do Away With Difficulties. Reduce or remove your problems. Know who you are and you can recognize habits that are problematic so you can drop them before an obstacle builds. Breathe in violet light at the base of your brain. Then at the back of your heart. Finally breath in violet light at the base of your spine. Do away with difficulties.

6. Embrace the Positive. Find and hold on to positive thoughts. Let go of the addiction to pain and negativity. Feel safe. Know infinite love in every cell of your being. Realize that it is safe to feel love, rich, peaceful. Imagine a radiant rainbow lighting up your neurology and every cell in your body.

7. Recognize Your Worthiness. It is as much a part of you as your breath. You are good enough. You are worthy of abundance. Understand and illuminate your worthiness from the highest truth—feel safe in recognizing your worth right now. Imagine violet light illuminating every cell in your body. You are worthy. You have had it all the time.

8. Follow Your Calling. Answer the call of your soul. Your life purpose. Follow your calling and realize the flowering of your life. It benefits you, your loved ones and others. Imagine a golden trumpet playing an irresistible music that penetrates your entire being. Let yourself dance to it. Follow your calling.

9. Nurture Your Self. Beyond the bubble bath, encourage, support and act upon your dreams. Feed, clothe and nurture your body. Give your heart kindness. Let your spirit express creatively. Take care of yourself and the universe will take care of you. The universe follows  your lead. Nurturing your self makes  you more loving, motivated, alive … Imagine a cloud sparkling light with glints of pink and blue, descending to envelop you in a warm embrace.

10. Decide to Have Love and Money. Stand right here right now in the presences of god as the anointed author of your life. You have full authority, permission to have it all right now. Consciously choose to have wealth and love. It is okay with god. You are worthy and ready. Recognize that you are still you. Align with the universe. You have lasting love and permanent prosperity. See it right in front of you. Pick it up. Hold it over your head and let it fill you. Lasting love. Pour it over you and let it drip inside you. Permanent Prosperity. Pick it up and place it over your head. Let it shimmer through the souls of your feet, anchor into the earth.

Enjoy … do a happy dance. Move your body to reset this transformation.

via Moira Shepard


Four Questions for Creatives • Danielle LaPorte

The story of Freddy & the iPhone — and 4 questions for Creatives • Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

1. What have you got in your archive that can be turned into art today?

2. Analyze it — what interested you in your past?

3. Your life is content — what do you do well everyday that you might be taking for granted?

4. How can you bring your personal story into your work?

What comes naturally to you is your greatest distinguisher.

Journaling Your Journey

Through time, we have found the process of documenting our days, our dreams, our hopes, our fears to be calling us. There is a reason. Journaling helps us explore life, live more fully, nurture a deeper understanding.

Whether jotting notes on a napkin and tucking in to your pocketbook or penning devotedly each day in a leather bound book, the process of writing down thoughts helps give clarity. Scribbling an idea helps give it shape.  Recording a dream gives it meaning. Listing desires grows understanding. Noting a goal gives it strength.

There are many ways to begin the process. Begin, though, one must! After 21 days, you will have formed a habit of journaling.

For one year, keep a diary of the day to day events in your life. See how interesting every moment is.

If you wish for guidance, consider a self-exploration journaling experience through One Whole Health. Join the online journaling community and enjoy the weekly topics to help you explore your life.

Another enchanting thought-starter can be found at My Inner World. Here, you can explore a virtual world and glean insights about your self, then track it via your journal.

Whatever path you choose, begin the process. Let the pages of possibilities unfold before you. Enjoy journaling the journey.

7 Rules for a Millionaire Mindset

Found this article to be of interest. First the mindset, then the million. Go get ’em!

“Successful people instinctively follow their gut feelings. Unsuccessful people have let others convince them that they cannot trust themselves.”

1) Know what you want. You must have a targeted goal. Clear and conceivable. One that you could tell someone, and they would be able to follow a route to it.

2) Focus on what you want. Imagine what your life will be like to have had your dream. You keep doing this until you have had it and seen it in so much detail that it becomes something that is now likely to happen. Then  focus on possible routes for getting there. Provide your mind with stepping stones – lots of them – at each step, starting from where you are now.

3) Be grateful for achieving your dream. Trust your feelings of completion and feel thankful for living your dream (as if it is already realized).

4) Wait to be compelled to Act. All creation is done in your mind first. Action steps are about bringing into reality that which you have already have in your mind. Once the dream has been fully designed so that you can see it in your life in every detail then it is time to bring it into reality. And you will know this because the feeling will magically propel you forward.

5) Focus on the step you are on.  You must focus on what you are doing 100% and do it to the very best of your ability. Love where you are now in your life.

6) Listen to your Hunches. These are messages from your subconscious, giving you answers and ideas for progress.

7) Go deeper into your design. Between stages and on your journey, relax during rest stops and daydream further into your vision. Experience your design in greater detail.

These are the basic steps to cultivating and creating the millionaire mindset — the mindset where you just know you will do it.

via How To Become Rich.

The Fountain of Youth

There is a formula for staying youthful. It includes a healthy diet of fresh food, ample exercise (outdoors when weather permits), plenty of rest (including sound sleep), and engaging the heart, mind, soul. The ripple effect of healthy habits help keep one youthful.

One could find this formula quite simply. Meditation opens the mind to receive life’s bounty. Education is another road to enriching thought. Reflection, contemplation, conflict, and chaos are also good experiences to stimulate heart and mind. Relationships are laboratories for finding understanding — often through misunderstandings.

The garden provides a smorgasbord of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains. The waters run deep with gifts of fish and seafood. Grass fed red meats are also abundant in nutrients when properly prepared. Drink of fresh water. Life is a garden.

Curl up in a comfy place for a snooze. Make sure to track your dreams. Get the seven to nine hours uninterrupted sleep your body needs to refresh.

And move. Walk. Run, Swim. Stretch. Plus, follow this ageless rite of Tibetan Yoga for rejuvenation.

Recognize the magic in every day. Embrace it with childlike wonder. Investigate. Turn the pages. You will be young at heart through the ages.

House Rules

House rules. When I visit others, I enjoy participating in the house rules. My friend Didem asks that we all take off our shoes upon crossing the threshold. She has a supply of house slippers available if desired. This is a wonderful custom except when I’m wearing long pants with heels and end up flat footed.

At my home, a rule of the house is that we consume food in the kitchen. Realize that there are times to break the rule (like popcorn with a movie or breakfast in bed), but day-to-day the rule is to eat at the table, the counter, or the bar overlooking the great room.

This honors my appreciation of mindful eating. It is from realizing that I could eat a row of cookies while looking at television and  wonder where the cookies went. Not to mention having to manage crumbs and morsels that fall upon the floor or furniture.

Three Questions About Change

In a recent chat about change, these questions were posed. You might enjoy the answers; and please add comments with yours!

Why do people want to change? People will change when “the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of evolving.” Change is also spurred by a longing for something “more” or “different.” One might see another option – in a book, a film, in a neighbor, at school, in a magazine that inspires a new experience. What moves you?

Why do people stay stuck (and not complete the change / fulfill the dream)? Often, it is tough to change the “habits” that keep us stuck or create new “routines” that can help in the journey. The lack of a support system – friends/family/circle – can inhibit change. And, for some, lack of a vision for where to go leaves one without a target. How about you?

What has helped you or others accomplish goals or dreams? What helped you get unstuck if you were stuck? What helped you execute and accomplish it? Key is to envision and define a goal, decide upon it at the elimination of all other options. Finding a role model and emulating their success helps one envision the dream come true. It is always important to create or change habits to support the desired outcome. And, daydreaming about it to “flesh” it out helps one “realize” a goal and feel more aligned with it along the way.

For added inputs, visit this article about Goals, Strategies and Tactics. Enjoy your journey and a golden path!