The Laws of Life (LOL) —infographic

To attract the life you wish to live, understand the laws of living in time and space, enjoying the human experience.

  1. Law of Attraction—what you send out comes back to you.
  2. Law of Deliberate Creation—you create what you think about.
  3. Law of Allowing—accept what is with compassion and without judgment.
  4. Law of Sufficiency & Abundance—the universe has ample resources to meet every desire.
  5. Law of Pure Potentiality—everything is energy seeking expression in some form.
  6. Law of Detachment—align with desire and act accordingly then trust the universe to deliver.
  7. Law of Polarity—unity is plural at a minimum of two.
  8. Law of Proximity—you are the average of your five closest friends.
  9. Law of Specificity—define it to find it: what does success mean to you in the measure that matters to you.

    Laws of Life

    Laws of Life

10 Blessings You Can Give Your Self

Love Your SelfHere are Ten Blessings you can give your self to enjoy love and prosperity in your life. This from a mediation by Moira Shepard.

1. Love Your Body. Show your body kindness and appreciation to create radiant health and well being. You will feel well in your skin. Be at peace in your body. Shower your body with appreciation every day. Understand that your body deserves … Imagine light emanating form every cell of your body. Notice how perfect your body is. Clasp together your hands and give thanks for the body you have.

2. Use your mind mindfully. You become what you think about. If you want love, think kind thoughts. if you want wealth, think prosperity. The difference between the thoughts that help vs the thoughts that harm:  invite an inspiring thought to your conscious mind. Hold it. See it. You are mindfully using your mind. You can be more effectively motivated by joyful thoughts … understand and illuminate the power of your mind …

3. Honor Your Heart. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. You have every right to feel how you feel right now. You don’t need to hold on to the feeling. Acknowlege it: I am feeling this way right now. Ask yourself: Could I let go of this feeling? Would I let go of it? When? Notice how letting go makes room for joyful feelings to enter.

4. Safely Speak Your Truth. Tell others what you want. Others will respect your feelings when you voice them in a calm way. It is safe. You are worthy. Say what you feel and what you want in a way that is respectful to your self and to others. Realize that it is safe to be you. It’s safe to say what you feel. It’s safe to ask what you want.

5. Do Away With Difficulties. Reduce or remove your problems. Know who you are and you can recognize habits that are problematic so you can drop them before an obstacle builds. Breathe in violet light at the base of your brain. Then at the back of your heart. Finally breath in violet light at the base of your spine. Do away with difficulties.

6. Embrace the Positive. Find and hold on to positive thoughts. Let go of the addiction to pain and negativity. Feel safe. Know infinite love in every cell of your being. Realize that it is safe to feel love, rich, peaceful. Imagine a radiant rainbow lighting up your neurology and every cell in your body.

7. Recognize Your Worthiness. It is as much a part of you as your breath. You are good enough. You are worthy of abundance. Understand and illuminate your worthiness from the highest truth—feel safe in recognizing your worth right now. Imagine violet light illuminating every cell in your body. You are worthy. You have had it all the time.

8. Follow Your Calling. Answer the call of your soul. Your life purpose. Follow your calling and realize the flowering of your life. It benefits you, your loved ones and others. Imagine a golden trumpet playing an irresistible music that penetrates your entire being. Let yourself dance to it. Follow your calling.

9. Nurture Your Self. Beyond the bubble bath, encourage, support and act upon your dreams. Feed, clothe and nurture your body. Give your heart kindness. Let your spirit express creatively. Take care of yourself and the universe will take care of you. The universe follows  your lead. Nurturing your self makes  you more loving, motivated, alive … Imagine a cloud sparkling light with glints of pink and blue, descending to envelop you in a warm embrace.

10. Decide to Have Love and Money. Stand right here right now in the presences of god as the anointed author of your life. You have full authority, permission to have it all right now. Consciously choose to have wealth and love. It is okay with god. You are worthy and ready. Recognize that you are still you. Align with the universe. You have lasting love and permanent prosperity. See it right in front of you. Pick it up. Hold it over your head and let it fill you. Lasting love. Pour it over you and let it drip inside you. Permanent Prosperity. Pick it up and place it over your head. Let it shimmer through the souls of your feet, anchor into the earth.

Enjoy … do a happy dance. Move your body to reset this transformation.

via Moira Shepard


Honoring the Art of the Shaman

Shamanism is living in harmony with your self and finding balance with nature, the world, friends, family, community. It is about finding your life and completing yourself as a human being with a connection to all around you.

Shamanic energy lives within each person. Change begins within. Holistic health comes from being connected with all of life. Experience nature. Sunrise, sunset, midday, and midnight are special times to honor.

The Huichol people of the Sierra Madra embrace Virarica: the healing people. Healing individually and collectively.

To enjoy a boost of energy, consider a pilgrimage to places of power. Mt Shasta holds deep power in the land. Rivers are the “milk” of mother earth. The Italian Alps, Mt Blanc is the height of power, a place to connect with the spirit of the mountains. Alaska is a shamanic “disneyland” with so many places of power.

Journaling Your Journey

Through time, we have found the process of documenting our days, our dreams, our hopes, our fears to be calling us. There is a reason. Journaling helps us explore life, live more fully, nurture a deeper understanding.

Whether jotting notes on a napkin and tucking in to your pocketbook or penning devotedly each day in a leather bound book, the process of writing down thoughts helps give clarity. Scribbling an idea helps give it shape.  Recording a dream gives it meaning. Listing desires grows understanding. Noting a goal gives it strength.

There are many ways to begin the process. Begin, though, one must! After 21 days, you will have formed a habit of journaling.

For one year, keep a diary of the day to day events in your life. See how interesting every moment is.

If you wish for guidance, consider a self-exploration journaling experience through One Whole Health. Join the online journaling community and enjoy the weekly topics to help you explore your life.

Another enchanting thought-starter can be found at My Inner World. Here, you can explore a virtual world and glean insights about your self, then track it via your journal.

Whatever path you choose, begin the process. Let the pages of possibilities unfold before you. Enjoy journaling the journey.

Chakra Balance ~ Peaceful Pondering

In an attempt to find balance, consider aligning your chakras. These seven energy centers help govern our psychological qualities. The four in the upper body are linked to mental properties while the three in the lower body govern instinct.

One method for balancing them is to sit comfortably with feet flat on the floor or in the lotus position. Spend a moment rubbing your hands together to feel warmth or energy in your palms. Then, move your hands in a manner as if you are bouncing an energy ball between them. Take your dominant hand and bounce this energy against your body.

Begin at the pelvic area. Bounce the energy from your hand to your pelvis. Imagine the red light energy of the root chakra. See it spinning with life. This chakra helps one feel present in the moment, aware, sensible, secure, and comfortable.

Next, move to the area of your abdomen. Bounce the energy from your hand with the orange energy of the sacral chakra. This chakra helps you feel sexual, passionate, sensual, emotionally balanced.

Then do the same at your stomach, bouncing energy with the yellow energy of your naval chakra. Here is where you find confidence, dignity,

Move to your heart chakra and address the green energy field. Support your ability to feel compassionate, caring, friendly, love.

Bounce energy to your throat chakra. Imagine the blue light of communication, expression, and creativity.

At your third eye chakra (between your eyes at the forehead), move your hand with the indigo energy of insight.

Finally bounce energy to the crown chakra. Hold the violet pink hue of wisdom and spirituality in your mind as you do so.

Now, move your hands from your pelvic region to your crown in a clockwise motion as if to stir the energies so that they are alive and interacting with one another.

Take three cleansing breaths and lay your hands in your lap, palms upward. Relax and sense the balance in your body. Carry it with you through the day.

Even if you don’t sense the chakras, this is a lovely meditation that can help you find emotional balance and mental clarity — or at least a few moments of peaceful pondering.

P.S. If you’d like to expand chakra health while exercising with yoga, consider this Kundalini Yoga Chakra Exercise program.

Envision Your Way Into Your Day

For a better understanding of yourself and your possibilities, summon your inner Eve. This is a practice long hidden, and as it emerges, many meet it with suspect. Don’t be fooled. Get yours, too. Tune in to your self and tune-up for your day.

Start the day with a morning meditation. Quiet your thoughts and watch your breathing. Do the “introvert” thing. Notice what comes to mind. Notice how you feel. Connect with your body. Notice the silence in between the interruptions of noise.

Here you will find clarity. You will develop understanding. In the moment all is well. There is a pattern. Honor the ebb, the times when tide of activity isn’t happening, as a time to chill and regenerate. Then go with the flow and ride the tide of getting it done.

Ask yourself the questions. What am I meant to do? What is my lesson here? Find the answers, as subtle as they may be – like a breeze whispering by. Or boldly appearing to your understanding like a snuggie yanked up over your head. Aha! Then stand up and deliver as you are meant to do.

Do this for a few minutes or more each morning. Envision your way into your day. Align your self to the vibe of your life. Whatever you align your vibrations with is what you will experience. This is called resonance. Still yourself to find your tune. Name it. Then dance to it all day long.

Girls, Gals, — Grannies …

Through the decades, we wear many hats … sometimes through a day they can vary …

I am me. In me I see you. In you I see me…. did I mention that I have experience in copywriting, advertising, product management, marketing, landscaping, interior design, real estate, sales, viticulture, food service, and as a fitness trainer … mom to daughter and son, guru to my mom … and I love to cook, paint, run, draw, hike, write, read, and get lost in conversation about the most controversial but meaningful things (we can agree to disagree, but let’s attempt to find understanding).

As a girl, I dreamed of being a singer, songwriter and guitarist. I had hopes of a talk show, too. Then I considered fashion design, but I was afraid to follow it. Early in my career, I found success but not the support or network I needed to follow my passion. The path I followed was pedestrian, my journey through was outside-the-box. I did “their things” in “my way.”

Stop. I am at a crossroads. There is still an inner voice calling me. Yet, I cannot hear her. Or perhaps I don’t understand. Do you have that voice, that feeling of something left undone? Are you confused by it? I am. And I shall meditate, contemplate, procrastinate until clarity comes. Then I can dance again …

This is a ramble but it is important. The fiber that weaves feminine DNA comes through me and you, connecting us on some level. And if we can recognize that connection, we all grow and we each grow. So reach for it. Look for that which unites us through time and space. Find yourself there. We each have a place.

Me, I feel fragmented. Splintered. Yet whole. Scattered, perhaps. That must be from reaching so far through time. But right here right now, I feel lost among you, lost among me. What is our collective dream? I shall peel back the onionskin to find the core. And through my tears I will see which hat to don next, and which to offer to you.

LOCAL YOKEL: Sweet Dreams and Other Precious Moments

Last night I kissed goodbye my 8 year old. Tucked in the sheets around him. Turned out the lights and finished my evening. This morning, I kissed hello my 9 year old. We talked about the wonderful memories we have of each age … I realize how we die to each day, emerging anew with advancing experience.

via LOCAL YOKEL: Sweet Dreams and Other Precious Moments.

What a revelation. We die to each day. Let us be mindful in the moment for it is everything and then gone.

Time Travel

Setting goals can be daunting. Finding direction sometimes leaves me lost. Still, I must look to myself for my answers. And if I find a plan that works, I must share it in the hopes it will help you, too. So, here’s one to ponder.

If you could go through time and ask your self – many years in the future – a question, what would it be? Hmmm, I think mine would be “what should I start doing today to be on the ‘happy dance’ track?” She would know regrets. From her perch, could see opportunities I might overlook. In this interaction, I will see the me I wish to be and she will be my guide to getting there.

I could ask her about my career, my relationships, my spiritual self, my sense of style, even…. So imagine having this conversation. Listen to the advice from the future you – the you you aim to be.

Next, look back to your self, many years ago. Ask her what she needs. Send her some encouragement. Ask her what she thinks (and hear her praise for how well you handled things with the knowledge you had at the time). Find out what she would avoid going forward.

Come back to now. Look yourself in the mirror. Embrace today. It is the only one you have. Tomorrow you will morph one day closer into the you you aim to be.


Apple or Pomegranate?

A question asked often since the long lost days in The Garden. I suggest, neither. Let me attempt an explanation. In the tradition of storytelling and to help explain complex concepts, symbols are used to paint a familiar picture. This way, the idea can be translated by the most people in some way.

We do not harvest a “tree of knowledge” (nor a “money tree” unfortunately) growing in the garden offering orbs of “forbidden fruit.” However, there is the opportunity to experience in a way that gives focus to time and space rather than the ethereal world of All That Is. This focus branches out and takes root, as a tree would. And in this human realm, one is limited to the five senses through which we can get a “taste” for the physical. There is much to explore in this tale and many have found a facet of understanding to share. What is your interpretation?

Still, if one wishes to take it literally, take your pick – apple or pomegranate – but pick wisely (the one you least favor) as it will forever be “the forbidden fruit.” Though I would not want to ban either the apple or the pomegranate as they both offer wonderful nourishment to the body.