Feeling Matters When You Envision

As a woman morphs from one decade to another, her dreams also evolve. Sometimes goals are met and then we move on. Other times we need to just move on.

Creating a vision board helps focus efforts and define goals. With pictures, words, and symbols, one can imagine that which she wishes to experience. Often the process supports attainment. Sometimes the goals remain unreached.

When we let go of a dream, it can leave us feeling empty and lost, you know – ineffective. To get through disappointment or perhaps avoid it altogether, rather than focusing on a particular outcome, hold the “feeling” you’d like to have –that is what you are chasing.

It matters that I feel like I matter–that I make a difference. I’d like to feel a sense of accomplishment, triumph. This can come from work, home, running a race, or a multitude of goals that can be chased in an effort to capture and re-capture the feeling.

Along the journey, let me feel love. Ah, love. It can be found most readily by giving it to your self and to others. And, when someone lovingly touches your heart, be open to it. Love emerges in the appreciation you feel for what you do, who you meet, where you go.

The desire to feel good is a shared urge across the decades. Feelings can help define goals. For help in your future planning, consider signing on for The Desire Map.

While feelings can be fleeting, the goals or mode of achieving feelings are many. Enrich your life by feeling your way through. Follow your heart.