Three Questions About Change

In a recent chat about change, these questions were posed. You might enjoy the answers; and please add comments with yours!

Why do people want to change? People will change when “the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of evolving.” Change is also spurred by a longing for something “more” or “different.” One might see another option – in a book, a film, in a neighbor, at school, in a magazine that inspires a new experience. What moves you?

Why do people stay stuck (and not complete the change / fulfill the dream)? Often, it is tough to change the “habits” that keep us stuck or create new “routines” that can help in the journey. The lack of a support system – friends/family/circle – can inhibit change. And, for some, lack of a vision for where to go leaves one without a target. How about you?

What has helped you or others accomplish goals or dreams? What helped you get unstuck if you were stuck? What helped you execute and accomplish it? Key is to envision and define a goal, decide upon it at the elimination of all other options. Finding a role model and emulating their success helps one envision the dream come true. It is always important to create or change habits to support the desired outcome. And, daydreaming about it to “flesh” it out helps one “realize” a goal and feel more aligned with it along the way.

For added inputs, visit this article about Goals, Strategies and Tactics. Enjoy your journey and a golden path!

Observe and be Observed

Often, if not always, the world paints its own canvas, and we are only props along its way.  Observe and be observed. Consider the information around you.

Expose yourself to 10×10, an intriguing site that provides a glance at the signs of our times ~ updated hourly.  Every 60 minutes, information artist Jonathan Harris presents a grid of 100 images automatically retrieved from national news services like Reuters, BBC, and The New York Times. With corresponding one-word news bites, the evolving collage appears. At the end of each day, month, and year, the site reviews its archives to conclude the top 100 words for the given time period. Visit 10×10 yourself ~ a 100 photos worth many more words.

What do you see?